Marette on Cecil Peacock…

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Marette Farrell has news on the back story behind Calgary Caper, a recent winner of the Pacific Customs Brokers Classic Handicap at Hastings:

Says Marette: “I brought him for Cecil Peacock, and Cecil is one of the stalwarts of the game, an amazing man who’s enjoyed tremendous success over the years. He gave this horse to his daughter Kim, who’s done very well with him.

I want to use this opportunity to say what just a wonderful man Cecil Peacock is. I would go look at horses with him, and sometimes he would select a horse on some of the most random determinants. I would shake my head, but as Dan Hendricks once said, ‘he’s just a lucky man.’

Dan was the person who introduced me to Cecil, and I should mention that Dan was tremendously successful for Cecil for many years, and they have forged a great friendship.

We still chat every now and then, Cecil and I. It’s always so energizing to speak to him. He has one of those tremendously melodic voices, and I always said to him, if he hadn’t been so successful in the oil and gas business, he would have been one of the greatest radio personalities of the day. It’s just such a privilege having being around him all this time”

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